Villa Mokum


Client: AM Vastgoed
Year: 2012
My contribution: concept, art direction, casting, production
Goal: Create video’s of students who are manipulating their parents buying them a brand new studio apartment in Amsterdam.
Use: Video’s have been used for a Facebook campaign
Strategy: Kim Swagemakers
Contributors: Camera by Ramon Masius Editing and postproduction by David Sleulders

Blackmailing video

Reasoning video

Whimper video

Whining video


Contribution for Invito video contest


Assignment: Create a video with the theme: ‘Invito invites you’
Interpretation: All girls have shoe issues. They love their shoes. Every day they make the decision over and over again ‘Help! Which shoes do I put on today’

A girl named Sue has shoe discussions in her head. Stop motion animation

This voyeuristic video makes you peep in the most intimate lens: the mirror
Co-creation with David Smeulders


Identity Maroc


Assignment: Free work
Interpretation: Journey through Maroc’
Technique: Stop motion animation