Sanoma Lab


Current: UX designer at Sanoma Lab

User Centre Product Design
As part of the support team of Sanoma Lab, I’m a specialist in designing lean UX experiments. The UX team at Sanoma Lab develops Minimal Viable Products (MVP’s) to validate the riskiest assumptions about customer needs by focussing on their actual behavior. Working lean, we’re focussing on solving problems, not on creating features.

Lean UX design focusses on outcomes

2009-current: Independent Design Professional @
2007-2009: Graphic Designer, Ontwerpwerk Multidisciplinary Design, The Hague
2006-2007: Graphic Designer, Vechtlust Communicatie, Amsterdam

2009-2010: College of Multimedia, Amsterdam. Web Engineer
2002-2007: Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague. Graphic Design

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