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Project: adidas mobile app

Native paperless returns & exchanges journey

My contribution: UX design, prototyping, unmoderated user-testing

UX Challenge

How can I help the adidas customer with the simplest possible nativepaperless returns and exchanges journey via the adidas app?

UX Improvements, my contribution

• Improve the starting point for returns & exchanges flow

• Improved order transparency

• Native paperless return ticket in the app

• Improved guidance on how to return

adidas_2_1 copy.webp

Local & contextual experience: Studio LDN

My contribution: UX design, prototyping

UX Challenge

How can adidas migrate the bookings for studio- and online classes from Facebook into the adidas app, making the classes available via the app for UK users?

UX Improvements:

• The (online) events are now accessible and within the adidas app

• Users can sign up to the event in the app

• Event tickets are available from the app

• Studio LDN has a landing page within the app and will be accessible from the What’s on tab

• Push notification journeys are in place

• Help the user attending or cancelling classes

adidas_1_3 copy.webp
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