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Project: Air France-KLM mobile app

Redesign My trip and upsell journey

My contribution: UX/UI design, experiment design for unmoderated user-testing

UX Challenge

How can I help the Air France and KLM traveler understanding their booked trip and possibilities to upgrade their trip?

My contribution:

  • Flowchart of all possible flights and entry points (single flight, multi-leg or multi-segment, multi-city, return)

  • Improved the My trips page with clear flight information, disruptions and upsell

  • Contextual offering of ancillaries in the relevant part of the journey on different flight levels

  • Improved design by limiting unnecessary steps in the upsell journey to increase conversion

  • Designed a flow that provides one single checkout for multiple ancillaries

  • Design an insightful summary page that can be the entry to upsell or a summary to proceed to payment

Migration of two branded apps

My contribution: UX consultancy, design system collaboration, stakeholder management

UX Challenge

How can I help the Air France and KLM development team with migrating two separate apps into one code base app without losing the Air France and KLM brand identity?

My contribution:

  • Simplify the two design systems into one that can be plotted into two brands

  • Contribute to the design system in close collaboration with the components team and developers

  • Improve accessibility

  • Quality control of the deliverables during migration, mainly UI related

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