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Freelance UX Design Amsterdam Lean Growth

Project: Lean Start-Up at Sanoma Innovation Lab


Role: UX/UI, Visual Identity, Lean Experiment Design

How to validate the customer needs for a Tinder for Sneakers?

I've worked with Lean Startup principles on this project and the main goal for this Startup is to validate the needs based on quantitative testing with Lean experiments.

Lean Experiment 1: Lead form at the landing page

Lean Experiment: Lead form to gather data insights into the potential popularity of a Tinder for Sneakers with sneaker alert.

Freelance UX Design Amsterdam Lean Growth

Lean Experiment 2: Create a Facebook fan page 

By creating a Facebook fan page, it’s possible to measure the potential for the Tinder for Sneakers. It started off with a small Facebook campaign to measure conversion to the fan page and the growth of the Facebook fanbase.

Freelance UX Design Amsterdam Lean Growth
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