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Freelance UX Design Amsterdam CRO Growth

Project: Redesign

Redesign of the sales funnel with the use of online persuasion

Lead Design, Interaction Design, Conversion Design, Visual Design


Redesign a sales funnel, including checkout, that is easier to use and improves conversion, making use of online persuasion principles

Design changes that improved the conversion rate, using online persuasion principles:

Increase self-efficacy

  • Update design heuristics: less cluttering, better readable typography, clean and compact design, provide feedback

  • Visualise the simplicity of the funnel by adding steps that makes the check out looks smaller and easier to finish

  • Introducing feed forwards


  • Introducing compact and numbered steps using visual cueing

  • Make the funnel effortless by placing the steps in an order with the easy questions first. More difficult questions follow later in the funnel to avoid drop off and increase sales.

  • Using commitment bias or Labor-love effect, also known as the Ikea effect. The more effort you put into doing something (in this case, the further you are in the funnel), the more people seem to appreciate what they're doing and therefore are more willing to finish it 


  • Use of hyperbolic discounting in persuasion. Mention delivery speed, making sure that your desired item is quickly available. When a user really likes the product, it increases conversion when the user can get it fast with same-day delivery for example


The redesign was a success. The new check out increased completion rate, and that resulted in a sales uptake by 7%

Freelance UX Design Amsterdam CRO Growth
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