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Freelance UX Design Amsterdam Lean Growth

Project: Internal Venture Tita Toys at Sanoma Innovation Lab

Tita Toys, educational app for kids in the age 2-5 years old

Role: Customer Development, UX Researcher, UX Designer
Characters and animations are designed by Kristof Luyckx


As part of the innovation lab (Sanoma Lab), I’ve designed an educational app for preschoolers, working with Lean Startup and Design Thinking principles


Key learnings from Customer Development

We’ve talked to over a hundred parents to discover the customers needs when looking for an app for their children to play with. This customer discovery gave insights on what kind of app to design. These are the most valuable outcomes: 

Outcomes parents:

  • Parents find it important that their children learn when they are playing

  • The digital world and the real world should be combined

  • Parents like to track their children's learnings

  • Parents allow their children to play on the tablet when they are busy and they want their children to be calm, or when the children themselves are tired

Outcomes children:

  • The game should be fun…fun…fun…; the children choose independently which app to open, not their parents

  • Characters in a game are important: children play with characters that they can either identify with or characters that are so strange that they are fantasy characters

  • There should be one typical male (Robot), one typical female (Princess) character and the rest gender-neutral characters to make the app interesting for all children

Freelance UX Design Amsterdam Lean Growth

Validated Learning by Lean testing, focussing on outcomes

I’ve been working lean when developing and designing the app, which means that I focussed on learning outcomes, rather than features

Lean Testing Experiments

  • Making Facebook ads and testing different value propositions 

  • Building landing pages to see if parents would click on the download button of other games in the same series

  • Design a free lite version of the app, and add upsell to the full version in the app to validate if parents find the game interesting enough to pay for a full version

  • Showing children a variety of character styles and asked them which ones they feel attracted to the most, before designing the full set

Freelance UX Design Amsterdam Lean Growth

With the Tita Toys Playground app, children can play, compose music and learn words in one game

Freelance UX Design Amsterdam Lean Growth

Some of the screens in the rooms of the characters. Last two screens are parents dashboard

Freelance UX Design Amsterdam Lean Growth
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