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Freelance UX Design Amsterdam

Project: Redesign

Telfort new orientation and online sales journey

Role: Lead Design, Interaction Design, Conversion Design, Visual Design, Usability Tester

I’ve asked myself the question:

‘How can I help the Telfort customer better in their orientation and ordering process when they are looking for a new smartphone and new phone subscription?


My starting points

  • We can help our customer with relevant content when they look for information and inspiration so they can make the right decision on which phone to choose

  • Our customer can’t find the  phone specifications at the current page because it’s hidden at the bottom of the page

  • Telfort business customers that are buying through the customer funnel should be guided seamlessly to purchase

Business requirements

  • Add accessories as an extra step in the check out to provide service and increase upsell

  • Make sure there is no sales drop off due to two extra steps

  • Increase SEO by changing the URL structure by adding the phone product detail page to that ranks high at Google

Freelance UX Design Amsterdam

UX Improvements

Optimizing flow

  • Design the phone product detail page and separated the subscription page from the phone page

  • Add accessories as an additional step in the check out to provide service

Interaction design

  • Clean and easy to use mobile-first collapsible information table, getting rid of tabs

  • Full cover modals for detailed product information


  • Add the Tweakers review score to add authority

  • Use of inspirational photography provided by the brands to add experience

Freelance UX Design Amsterdam

UX Lab research outcomes

Learnings from lab research

  • Users seem to be extra aware of their online behaviour when it comes to prices and they like to see a price on the phone product detail page

  • Offering accessories is seen as a service and it’s very important that they are originals


  • Users are blind for sticky buttons, therefore I added an extra button at the bottom of the accessories step, to make sure that users won’t drop off in the sales flow


  • The pilot with accessories upsell for Samsung phones is a success

  • Users buy accessories and it doesn’t influence the overall phone sales. 

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