Project: Redesign

ING Redesign Portal

Role: Prototyping, Customer Journey Mapping, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Usability Testing

UX Process

Service Design & UX

Source: UX Collective

Research, understand people, technology & business

The process started off with interpreting the user interviews. These interviews were done with intermediaries that work with the current portal on a daily basis. The interviews provided valuable insights into the pains, gains, emotions and moments of truth of the user. I've plotted these insights into a customer journey, to get an overview of opportunities for improvement. Besides the users, ING also had requirements that need to be integrated into the new portal. For example, the journeys are required to be GDPR-proof and need to be build and designed with the new ING Design System.

Customer Journey Mapping

Ideation, prototypes & iterations

The insights of the customer journey gave me input and ideas on how to improve the current flow. I've made interaction designs and a high fidelity clickable prototype to test with the users. I've visited the users in their most natural habitat: at their offices. The tests resulted in insights to improve, back to the drawing table and iterate from there.

Build and test

After exploring and iterations, the development team started to develop the portal with the new ING web component-based library's. While the pages were being built, I was available in the scrum team for Q&A during building and testing

UX Achievements

I designed with typical examples of UX improvement goals in mind:

Optimize Status Information

Increasing transparency in processes 

GDPR Proof Journey’s