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Freelance UX Design Amsterdam

Project: Design website at Sanoma Home Deco Cluster

Eerste Hulp Bij Energie

Role: Lead Design: UI, Visual Design, Visual Identity

Business Requirements & User Experience

How to design a website about sustainability with relevant content, that is interesting for both users and commercial partners?

Website & Game

I designed a website for the Sanoma Home Deco Cluster, that provides content that helps users with increasing their knowledge about sustainability. I started this project with a blank page and designed the user interface and identity (logo, typography, colour schemes etc)

Freelance UX Design Amsterdam


The site contains relevant blogs, branded content and the fun part: quizzes. These quizzes give insights on the level of sustainability of the user and give insights on where there is room for improvement. It’s an e-mail lead generator for Sanoma and business partners to increase touch-points through e-mail

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