Hi, I’m Leonie van de Laar.

I'm freelance UX Consultant & Designer. I help companies with online growth for e-Commerce, corporate innovation, and portal design. I work user-centered & evidence-based to craft the best possible digital experience. Web and mobile.

Companies I've worked for are adidas, SparkOptimus, KPN, ING, Nationale Nederlanden, Sanoma, Hilton DoubleTree and more. View cases.




Client: SparkOptimus

Project: Digital Venture for a FMCG Client of SparkOptimus

UX challenge: 

How can I help the team of SparkOptimus with the validation of an innovative concept for one of their clients using my UX and prototyping skills as efficiently as possible?

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Client: ING

Project: Redesign Intermediary Portal Mortgages

UX challenge:

'How can I improve the user experience of the ING portal used by mortgage intermediaries and integrate the new ING design system?' 

Telfort 1_1 pcp_966_600_lichtgroen.png

‘How can I help the Telfort customer in their orientation and ordering process when they are looking for a new smartphone and new phone subscription?'

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Company: KPN/Telfort

Project: Redesign orientation and sales journey

UX challenge:

Company: Sanoma Innovation Lab

Project: Internal Venture Tita Toys

UX challenge:

'How can I design and validate customer needs for an educational app for kids age 2-5 years old using Lean Startup methodology?'


Company: Telfort/KPN

Project: Quantitative testing

UX challenge

'Top 5 Evidenced-based growth'

Telfort_test 3800 Growth.jpg
Telfort Logo_border.png
Freelance UX Design Amsterdam

UX Design 

Submitted by Chunk Creative Agency, Amsterdam

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Redesign and optimizing Checkout

UX/UI Design

Freelance UX Design Amsterdam

UI Design

Visual Design

Freelance UX Design Amsterdam

UI Design

Independent project for Hilton DoubleTree Amsterdam

Freelance UX Design Amsterdam

Sneakerporn, Internal Venture

UX/UI DesignIdentity Design

Lean Experiment Design

Freelance UX Design Amsterdam

Ucourse, Internal venture

Lean Startup

Experiment Design



Usability testing

I alignment with IT during my design process to ensure that the designs meet the development requirements

usability research.png

To create the best digital experience, I can help you with:

Customer interviews
Creating personas 
Empathy mapping
Customer journey mapping

UX/UI Design


Interaction design

Visual Design

I evaluate a product by testing it on users. It gives direct input on how real users use the system

IT collaboration

UX Methodes

User research


peter S.png

'Leonie was a senior UX designer in one of my teams at KPN. She excels where UX strategy and UX execution meet. She combines a data-driven approach to UX design with a commitment to (commercial) results and mastery of online persuasion. A team player that does not mind putting in extra efforts to get the job done.'

Peter Sonke

Director Online @ KPN & Telfort


Remco de Vries

Head of Marketing @ InSided

'I had the pleasure of working with Leonie for about three years, of which about two as a manager at Telfort. Working with Leonie always guaranteed a weekly influx of new ideas, insights, deep-dives into our consumers' psychology, and new converting designs. I would sometimes compare 1-on-1's with Leonie to a personal TED-talk, they were always filled with many brainstorms about our (e-commerce) website, UX work in general, consumer psychology or just design thinking/process. Truly fun, and inspiring'

Nielsen Norman Group

Certified, Specialty Mobile Design, London (2016-2018)

Master of Online Persuasion

Certified by Online Dialogue, Utrecht (2017)

Conversions at Google

Conference @ Google HQ Dublin (2017)

UX training, education & conferences

Lean UX Conference

New York City (2015)

Web Development Advanced

College of Multimedia, Amsterdam (2009-2010) 

BA Graphic Design, Royal Academy of Arts

The Hague (2002-2007)

Never stop learning

leonie.van.de.laar@gmail.com  -  M: +31 6 19 202 851  -  KvK: 77409205 -  BTW: NL003191470B95